University of Northwestern

Powerful Design for Powerful Content

When a school's website design is as meaningful as the service it provides.

The University of Northwestern's website was serving up relevant content to its many target audiences, but the site's design didn't reflect the school's distinctive role in student's lives. The school turned to Morsekode to ensure that their website's design was ultimately as powerful as the service it provides.

Services Provided

  • Brand Identity Development
  • Web & App Development


For educational institutions like the University of Northwestern, a robust web experience is a crucial brand engagement for students, parents and staff alike. However, the limitations of the school's existing website were making it increasingly difficult to engage with its desired audiences. The brand sought a new website that could properly communicate each facet of the school's mission in every interaction.


Building a website that can properly serve students, staff, and families could have been a monumental undertaking. But with Morsekode's 4/4 Brand Analysis as a blueprint, the process became straightforward. In collaboration with the client, we uncovered unique truths about the brand. For UNW staff, college isn't about getting a degree – it's about discovering your life's mission. The school's staff took great pride in guiding students' exploration of their talent, dreams and callings. 


Morsekode set to work leveraging these key insights into the school's new website experience. We focused the UNW brand around three driving design indicators: natural, modern heritage, and intelligence. The outcome was an incredible user experience that enables each audience member to engage with the brand. Ultimately, the site empowers students to discover and embark on their life's mission with the University of Northwestern guiding them every step of the way.

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