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Health care faces a number of challenges. Costs are high. Billing processes are complicated and unclear. We need to understand attitudes and perspectives on implementing AI in health care.

In a national survey, 94% of health care executives agreed that AI-enabled capabilities are the most reliable path toward equitable, accessible and affordable care. If AI is going to change the future of health care, OptumIQ decided it was time to paint the vision of the future.

Services Provided

  • Brand Partnerships
  • Campaign Development
  • Creative Ideation
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Advertising


OptumIQ, the analytics arm of Optum, a subsidiary of United Healthcare, recognized a hot topic in their industry: Artificial Intelligence (AI). While competitors in the space were also discussing AI as it relates to healthcare, OptumIQ had a unique perspective given their direct connection to a leading insurance provider.


OptumIQ wanted to capitalize on the moment’s hot topic, AI, by offering their perspective in the form of robust thought leadership content to engage their audiences. 


We developed the OptumIQ: Health in Focus platform, which was high-level enough to accommodate future thought leadership topics beyond AI. Then we began developing an integrated campaign leveraging robust content, including an AI infographic, a findings report summarizing a survey of industry leaders, and a broadcast event featuring an AI expert. We used paid social media and digital advertising, as well as emails and landing pages to engage our audiences and drive traffic to the infographic, findings report and broadcast event. 

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