The Show Must Go On

Making a lasting connection with customers during the COVID-19 crisis

With the nation in lockdown because of COVID-19, trade shows – a critical touchpoint in CPC's business – were either postponed or canceled. CPC needed a way to remotely connect with everyone they would have talked to at their trade show booth.

Services Provided

  • Creative Ideation
  • Video Production


CPC wanted to "virtually" re-create a happy hour their team traditionally hosts at a national tradeshow. They used the happy hour as a forum to deliver news and tease upcoming product launches. We needed an idea that would allow them to convey the important information their audience would be missing. CPC had a very aggressive timeline. They essentially needed a cut of the video the same day we filmed it. Adding to this, we couldn't assemble a large crew in our on-site production studio, nor could we send a crew to CPC's office or the various CPC team members' homes.


With the majority of the nation under mandates to work from home, we all agreed sending a video would be the most engaging way to communicate. But creating a video presented its own challenges. Our video department developed a two-pronged approach. First, record the members of CPC's team in their own homes using Zoom meetings. Second, ship professional audio recording equipment to the video's main spokesperson. Then our director could guide him through an easy setup process and record his presentation via Zoom as well. 


Filming the main spokesperson and the greater CPC team went off without a hitch. We were able to capture high-quality audio for the spoken portion of the video while also capturing each team member in their unique home setting—both within an hour of each other. Our Director of Video Content immediately began editing the footage and was able to send the client a rough cut the same day. He subsequently added music, supers and a few effects. The resulting video was informational, lighthearted and easily delivered to its intended audience. Despite a global pandemic, we proved there's always a creative way to bring people together quickly, even when they're miles apart. 

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