Product Naming and Branding

A new consumer financial service product needed a simple and approachable brand that builds trust and empowers consumers.

Securian was creating a new financial services digital tool aimed at the sizable yet underserved middle market, individuals with $30,000 – $100,000 annual income. This product would often be co-branded with credit unions.  

Financial goals aren’t always about saving for retirement. Sometimes it’s about getting a new car, taking a vacation, or saving for a down payment. Through support and education, the digital tool seeks to empower consumers to take control of and improve their financial wellness. This perspective allowed us to show consumers that Securian understands their needs and can help them attain their goals; point them in the right direction.

Services Provided

  • Brand Identity Development
  • Creative Ideation


Lots of names made the list, but only one made the cut. Morsekode and Securian chose the name AimMe, a humanistic name that embodies it's goal, to aim people in the right financial direction.


Morsekode used color to energize the bright, encouraging and friendly personality of the brand. Multiple lines and angles add dimensions inspired from the complexity of financial planning. But, they all point to the goal.

Identity and Messaging

We created a brand around clarity and conciseness. Securian customers should feel welcomed, supported and empowered. AimMe launched with these ideals and a fresh new look in the market.

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