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A Pop-Up Studio for the Big Game

Standing out during the biggest week in football with a one-of-a-kind pop-up experience.

It was Super Bowl® week in Minneapolis. Celebrities and media were flooding into the city for the big game and all of the events leading up to it. DASH radio wanted to stand apart from all of the other radio brands on "radio row." We had the perfect solution. A pop-up studio housed in Morsekode's studio, complete with celebrities and engaging online content.

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When the Super Bowl came to Minneapolis, so did the media. In throngs. How could DASH Radio use this occasion as an opportunity to elevate their awareness and differentiate themselves from other radio brands that were set-up at "Radio Row?"


We aligned a brand partnership between DASH Radio and Urban Ventures, a local non-profit devoted to breaking the cycle of poverty. Throughout Minneapolis, Urban Ventures is famous for their coffee club, which helps generate money for under-resourced families. Young representatives from Urban Ventures provided our DASH Radio guests with their great tasting java, which gave them the opportunity to connect with celebrity circles that could provide new opportunities for their mission. The celebrity guests welcomed the chance to meet the hard-working teens and showed them that success is possible. 


The event was a raging success. Our nimble team of designers and writers quickly captured and crafted shareable celebrity moments throughout the event to fuel the social networks with tagged influencer content.

The results? During that week there was a 942% increase in impressions and currently the YouTube interviews have received over 50,000 views.

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