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Freedom from Fibroids

Telling patient stories in a compelling content series.

OncozeneTM and EmbozeneTM microsphere products are commonly used for a procedure called Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). But the awareness and usage of both products during UFE was low.

Services Provided

  • Creative Ideation
  • Video Production


After we interviewed patients who successfully underwent UFE, we realized the most impactful story we could tell wouldn't come from our mouths it would come directly from the patients'.  So we mapped out their journeys, detailing the emotions, questions, challenges, and triumphs through the process. This knowledge informed the storytelling content and the campaign structure for the "Freedom from Fibroids" video series. 


The patients starring in each video answered specific questions and shared the emotions they experienced during each phase of the journey, always ending with feelings of confidence, empowerment, and relief at making the right treatment choice. We emphasized different phases of the journey in each video, including the resulting emotions, to be sure viewers found a woman and video they could relate to, regardless of where they were in their own journey.


The goal of the emotive series was to help give women confidence in exploring treatment options, including UFE, moving them from frustration or despair to resolution. In addition, we created a series of shorter promotional videos based on the captured footage, and they received the best click-through rates of any ads or promotional tactics on the site.

2018 Gold Aster Award for Patient Education Series

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