Braun Intertec

Branding the Science on Which Construction Is Built

Modernizing a brand to highlight its remarkable value.

Braun Intertec is an engineering company that creates the science on which construction is built. While experiencing tremendous growth, their brand was dated and no longer reflective of the business.  We began our partnership with a brand development process using our 4/4 Analysis and design discovery,  enabling us to quickly and efficiently identify and gain alignment on the unique attributes of Science, Trust, and Leadership. During a collaborative workshop, we defined and discussed voice, tone, and style. The output of the discovery was a visual and verbal direction for the brand and it's refined positioning.

Aligned on direction, we embarked on the development of a brand identity package that included a graphics system, refreshed color palette, photo style and guidelines. Subsequent tactics included corporate storytelling & recruiting videos, brochures, ad campaigns, trade show materials, a corporate identity package, and website redesign and development.  

Services Provided

  • Brand Identity Development
  • Campaign Development
  • Creative Ideation
  • Strategy & Research
  • Video Production
  • Web & App Development

Brand Refresh

When Braun Intertec thinking aligns with a client problem the intersection is a powerful solution. It's where science meets creative problem-solving. The intersection graphics represent this powerful relationship between Braun Intertec and their clients.


Capturing and using photography of Braun Intertec engineers in the field (solving building problems) was a cornerstone to the authenticity of the redesign. Using the intersection graphic system provides further consistency of the redesign and creates an appealing digital experience.

Video & Photo Content

Being in the field with a Braun Intertec engineer is a huge differentiator for the brand. To capture this, our team of content creators went on site and shot authentic video and photography to be used in brand redesign across multiple communication channels. 

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