A comeback is always stronger than a setback

CPC taps Morsekode's army of experts to help promote their own army of experts

Services Provided


As an international leader in fluid connectors, CPC had recently faced some supply challenges that affected their reputation. They quickly addressed the issues making improvements and investments across the board, but most of their current and potential customers were unaware of the positive steps they had taken. They asked us to create a tradeshow video that would highlight their expertise and leadership within the biopharma industry as well as the improvements they were making. That sounds simple enough . . . until you start digging into the complex information the video needed to convey in a very short time.



The Morsekode strategy team sat down with the CPC team to unpack all the information that needed to go into the video. Then we began distilling complex messages into simpler ideas and phrases.


Our creative team knew that visuals would have to do a lot of the heavy lifting since there was no audio. We settled on a very simple dot graphic that could morph into various states to illustrate and emphasize the online text. The team liked the idea of a dot re-creating itself, much as CPC had re-created itself to improve its operations. The creatives also worked closely with the strategy team to keep the text minimal yet meaningful. The resulting video not only helps viewers feel confident in CPC’s capabilities, it also makes CPC feel proud. That's something we can all salute.