Revitalizing a Transformational Brand

Unifying six independent companies under a new brand strategy.

United Recovery Systems, a holding company for several debt collection businesses, had steadily become the primary brand via growth by acquisition. Without an articulated brand strategy, this growth created confusion internally and externally. An antiquated brand identity and negative category association added to the need for a brand overhaul. 

We set out to identify the relationship between the category (debt collection and revenue cycle management) and the current brand. Our strategy process,  including brand positioning, persona development and a messaging hierarchy, led to repositioning the brand on their core belief—a transformational force that helps people regain their financial footing.  

The brand strategy recommendation consisted of a new company name that stemmed from the brand beliefs, a new corporate identity and website. The new brand launched with momentum and continues to maintain a unique position in the market, which has transformed company culture and the way they conduct business. 

Services Provided

  • Brand Identity Development
  • Strategy & Research
  • Web & App Development


Morsekode's proprietary 4/4 Analysis helped United Recovery System learn who it had become as an organization and how it is unique. We brought 20 executives from the 6 companies together for a full day workshop to discuss the business. The process revisited the founding principles and beliefs that were at the core of the company’s genesis and success to date. We researched and analyzed the competition and customers. Outputs of this strategy phase were clear: a new brand, new positioning, and a new messaging hierarchy reflecting the new brand vision.

Brand Identity

Naming is one of our favorite brand assignments. This process includes multiple methodologies and creates hundreds of brand name options. Through collaborative vetting and testing, the client selected a hybrid name that combines "Alter" and "Transformation" to make Alltran. Alltran aspires to help all customers transform their financial position. The modern and active design system included icons, grids, branded shapes and a unique photography style. All of this was documented in a brand style guide. 


The upward momentum of the letter A became a graphic representation of Alltran's brand promise. The unique brand design elements created an easy-to-browse, scrollable web experience with each business unit following a consistent style. Photography show moments shows of transformation, presenting the brand in an active real-time style. A customized CMS empowers client-side editing and updating. 

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